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Blame inventor Al Gore for Postal Service woes
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Going to the Post Office is one of those dreaded things we must do. You wait, and wait and wait. With the U.S. Postal system in financial trouble, at times it’s no wonder. But yesterday was different, so different I was stunned. I went to the annex on Industrial Park Drive. While waiting I heard something I never thought I would ever hear from a postal employee.

A nice lady would come to the front counter and ask if she could help somebody with something. She did this several times. It was such a joy, now I wanted to be there. This is not customer service by any means; this is “customer delight”. Customer service only makes me have to go there, but customer delight makes me want to go there. All I can say now is thank you.

When the United Parcel Service and Fed Ex were started they did take some income from the Postal Service. The birth of the Internet has been the headsman’s ax. With text messaging from your cell phone, full web access from your smart phone in real time, it was only a matter of time. So, whose fault is it? Just watch the kids walking to school in the morning. Their face is buried in their cell phone texting. No stamps, no letters for the mail man to deliver - no money. It’s that simple. So, whose fault is it? I can only think of one; Al Gore, the man who claimed to have “invented” the Internet.

Gary Duran

Nov. 30, 2011