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Blame terrorist, not gun owners
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
The Florida shooter called authorities while on his rampage killing innocent non-combatants at a club he frequently went to, to pick up other men. While on his cell phone he pledged his allegiance to ISIS and everything else related to it.
So, why does he represent me as a gun owner, when I have never done anything like that nor is it in my make up?
Several times now, there have been mass shootings by people claiming to be a part of ISIS and the culture they promote the violence we see, and nothing gets done to stop them, other than to blame the guns.
Why punish me for what he did? There are over 11,000 deaths by drunk drivers every year. So, I guess we should just take the cars away. With the job picture so thin already, closing gun stores, all manufacturing related to firearms in general, should “create a safer environment for our country.” Right?
What about Chicago, with the highest murder rate in the country, with the strictest gun laws in the land, that we never hear anything about the murder rate there by guns? Where did those guns come from anyway?

Gary Duran