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Boycotting Arizona over illegals
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
The new & latest thing in the headlines today is to boycott Arizona because of their stand on illegals.

We would like to make a suggestion to the readers before everyone goes off the deep end.  Out suggestion applies to anything in life whether it be the Arizona Law, the Health Bill, other legislation, or questions in life.  Before you do anything at all please educate, question, think and then decide.  Please get both sides of an issue before you make a decision. Step one is to read the law and understand it. Don’t assume.  Only after you become educated, question the facts and stories, and think about any issue, can you really make a truly informed, logical, reasonable decision.   Consider both sides of an issue.  Consider the sources.  Think where you stand and what you think is reasonable.  Maybe someone else looks at the same issue with a different point of view or perspective. Try to look at things with their eyes before you reach your conclusion.  In the case of Arizona, what if the roles were reversed?  What if it were Americans crossing the border illegally and smuggling in people & drugs?  What would happen to the American who tried to do this into Mexico?   Would the Mexican government look the other way?  Would they call it profiling and pick on the Americans?  Or would they throw the person in jail and deport them back to America?

If we don’t like a law should we merely ignore it?  Or should we repeal it?   How many times have we said to ourselves ,I wish a cop were around to enforce the law, when we see someone completely disregarding a law, whether it be speaking on a phone while driving or crossing the street when they shouldn’t?   

We need to remember that the legislators we elected made & passed the laws.  When someone is sworn in after an election, whether it be a mayor, representative, senator, or president, they take an oath to uphold the Constitution and laws of the country. They have an obligation to uphold the laws.  It’s in their job description.  We expect them to do just that.  Would you really want it any other way?   Before you boycott Arizona, would you really want to live where there is a complete disregard for the laws?   Educate, Question, Think, and then Decide.

  Also, the state of California is in the middle of huge financial meltdown and fiscal crisis. Shouldn’t our legislators and other elected officials be working on that and not meddling in the affairs of another state?  
 Linda and Richard Silverman