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Bulbs in and now bulbs going out
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

The letter in the Bulletin on April 25 from Kris Day certainly hit the nail on the head concerning Manteca Mayor Steve DeBrum. The mayor is only concerned about his own pet issues.

The North Main Street bulb-out blunder that DeBrum played a major role in spending thousands of dollars to beautify downtown now must come out and will cost thousands of dollars to do so. With a host of downtown merchants traversing back and forth to the podium at the last council meeting pleading for the council to rip out all of the bulbs on North Main Street, the council had no choice but to heed their wishes.

Councilman Richard Silverman had to recluse himself as he had a conflict working for a tax preparation firm located in the 100 block of North Main Street.  Even so, there was little doubt what the outcome would be.

When this is finally done and the bulbs are gone, perhaps the city should give some serious thoughts to remain North Main Street the “Silverman-Hernandez Expressway.”

Attending Manteca City Council meeting is better than attending a Barnum and Bailey circus.


Fred Millner