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Bulletin covered McNerney who is Democrat but not Berryhill who is Republican
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin

I appreciate the coverage of the reporting of the Manteca Bulletin. Just recently, there have been some newsworthy articles published about the South San Joaquin Republican president, Frank Aquila, and his book about his role in selecting Governor Sarah Palin on the 2008 presidential ticket. Mr. Aquila was also fortunate enough to meet with Governor Palin.

The Manteca Bulletin also ran an article about the newly formed Manteca Tea Party Patriots. This is also newsworthy and involves the community.

I have also seen the Manteca Bulletin run past articles about Democrats. The Manteca Bulletin has always been a local paper writing about local people. I know if a local Democrat had lobbied for Barack Obama to be president and met with him, that person would have also made the paper. I know if a local Democratic club were to have a meeting, that would have made the paper as well.

Actually, I was disappointed that the Manteca Bulletin did not cover Assemblyman Bill Berryhill and the meeting of the South San Joaquin Republicans (Wednesday) night. Anytime our local politicians are here to speak, the news should include what they have to speak about. After all, when Congressman McNerney would come to talk to whoever wanted to see him in a coffee shop, the Manteca Bulletin was there to cover that.

The liberals in the city are just envious and jealous toward Frank Aquila and have shown hatred toward him and the Tea Party movement. So now one of their own wants to silence anything that involves conservative politics. It is their double standard and once again shows the liberals in this city are eating sour grapes.

Amy Sullivan
Sept. 14, 2011