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Bulletin has printed tirades written by liberals
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

To Reader that dislikes the Bulletin’s conservative coverage:

You must be new to the area or a new Bulletin reader. I do not always agree with them but they have never been unfair or one-sided on politics. If you have an announcement about any other organization that would be of public interest, send it in. If they refuse to print it, then you can complain.

Do you not remember the last couple years of George Bush when the liberals were writing tirades about him and calling him Hitler and worse - really disgusting descriptions, and the Bulletin printed a lot of them. And now most of the media is trying to paint the Tea Party as these horrible, ignorant radicals that just want to cause trouble.

Well, I went to that Tea Party meeting and I appreciate that the Bulletin printed the information.

What I found at that meeting was a lot of people that feel the same as I do about our government going in the wrong direction. They are your neighbors, relatives and friends. They are hard working citizens that are tired of the mismanagement and waste by government officials. Some of those people were Democrats that I was very surprised to see. They came to learn what this Tea Party is all about. I would recommend that everyone go to at least one meeting. You don’t have to join anything, just listen before you judge.

Sept. 14, 2011