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Buy American instead of change we need
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
During his speech on Tuesday Obama stated that we need to experience a period of sacrifice to pull the country out of the financial problems it faces. On Wednesday approximately 300 hardworking Alabama citizens in Eufala received word that that they were being laid off because their employer lost their contract to manufacture condoms to the government of China. They are going to show us how to sacrifice now that they will be no longer employed as are 5 million plus  Americans.

With the change the government removed “Buy American” from the stimulus packages because it offended other countries. I think the time has come for us to think of ourselves first until this economic crisis is resolved because I don’t want to live in a Third World country!

“Buy American” should be the rallying cry and not “Change we need.”  “Change we need” will lead to the total collapse of our financial markets and we will definitely see 1929 again. Call you congress persons and senators at both state and federal levels and tell them to shut down the stimulus and save the country!
 Dale R. Burnham
March 27, 2009