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Calexit is one costly proposition
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I hear people talking about doing a Calexit because of Trump winning the election. Have you even thought of the ramifications? I don’t think so! California may be the sixth largest economy in the world but the idiots in Sacramento have managed to destroy that economy by coming up with every free program they can think of for the non-working inhabitants of the state.
If the state seceded from the Union and you will see the following monies stop and think what would happen without them.
uHighway funding: The state pays 10% and the feds pay 90%.
uWelfare funding: The state pays about $40 billion and the feds match $40 billion.
uEducation/Health care funding: The feds match $30 billion a yar
That’s just the easy stuff. State budget operates in the red every year with the feds help what will happen when they say you are no longer under federal government protection; good luck — we will lose billions and billions we will very quickly become the wealthiest Third World country.
The nuts and fruitcakes in Los Angeles and San Francisco need to do their movies  and stop showing their stupidity. Shut down sanctuary cities and counties also. Laws are written to be enforced. If you don’t like them then vote to change them.

Dale Burnham