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California & America's financial train wreck
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

It has been said “As California goes, so goes the Nation”.  This is true.  America is on a financial cliff while California is heading toward a financial train wreck.  California is $24 billion in debt.  Yet, California is going to spend about $70 billion more on a bullet train that no one will use.  California and America should be encouraging business to raise revenue, putting people to work; using that money to balance its budget and pay bills while cutting wasteful spending. 

We are in grave danger and one natural disaster away from bankruptcy as a state.  For example, we live in earthquake country.  Yet, many have lived comfortably for years, not feeling a single shake; but recent studies have shown that a 6.5 earthquake in the Delta region of will destroy the levees, causing a back fill of salt water from the San Francisco Bay into our levees.  This will not only destroy the farm land and food supply; but contaminating half of California’s water supply.  The effect on California and the nation will be devastating.  The Delta should be repaired and California needs to sustain a surplus of billions to survive such a major catastrophe in our state.  This does not  include billions of dollars worth of infrastructure damage that would occur throughout the state.

Instead, we as a broke state are willing to become more in debt placing ourselves into financial ruin.  Legislators are now trying to raise taxes, which ultimately forces more business out of the state, forcing more people on government assistance, which ultimately forces more debt in a troubled state.

We don’t have to release state prisoners, push government health care, cut Medi-Cal for the poor, or slash education.  We just have to limit government intrusion on the people and business and make smart decision, such as eliminating a train to nowhere.

 The working class is leaving California to less intrusive government states at the same time a surging number of legal and illegal immigrants call California home.  Many of whom are leaching on the governmental services in California.  California has become a state of big government, open borders, diversity, multiculturalism and Democrat controlled politics.

Likewise, President Obama is leading America toward its own financial train wreck with an expansion of government control, including ObamaCare, and an additional $5 trillion of new debt, which has caused the first credit down grade of our government in history.

Many Californians are leaving to other states to avoid this financial train wreck caused by taxation and an intrusive and unwise state government.  However, where will Americans run to when America becomes a “California”?  “As California goes (broke), so goes the Nation”. 

Frank Aquila

President of the South San Joaquin Republicans