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California is not better than ever
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Manteca, Editor Bulletin;
Well, there it is, conclusive proof that that Mr. Larry Baca spends an inordinate amount of time in some sheltered environment perusing his dictionary for big words. (Letter: “Why he believes state is better than ever?” Jan. 8)
How can anyone who has lived here for a couple of decades conclude the state is better than ever?
Dams are falling apart, bridges are sorely in need of repair, highways are in terrible condition, and the list of other qualities of life continually degrading.
How can one not notice these detrimental changes to our state?
It has to be an issue of being home bound.
Dennis McCusker

Trump’s point about
button — he’ll strike
back if we’re attacked
Editor, Manteca Bulletin;
It’s hard to believe there are so many Trump haters and their reaction to his bigger button statement.
All he’s saying is if Kim J. sends nuclear missiles into our states he’ll send plenty back. What is he supposed to do, let the missiles come into Hawaii, California and do nothing? How would the whole Hollywood crowd feel if Trump said he’ll do nothing and let the missiles come into California and Hollywood and elsewhere.
Kim J. has already shot off a few over Japan an surrounding countries they just didn’t hit anything — yet.
James Smith