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Call homeless veterans hotline
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Thursday’s Bulletin article regarding the homeless Manteca man, Mr. Orgier, was hard to read.  Living on the streets is hard.  Many of us are living one paycheck from disaster.  For many, that final paycheck has come and gone and it’s a shame we have no safety nets to help those less fortunate than us.
 It is even more of a shame if that homeless person is a military veteran.  For the men and women of our military to give their time, their health and yes, their lives, those surviving, for one reason or another, ending up homeless, jobless and living on the streets, is a double shame. 
 This letter may not help Mr. Orgier but it may be of use to someone who know of a homeless veteran?  I recently discovered (via Facebook, of all places ) the Veterans Homeless Hotline, a 24/7 hotline to help vets who are homeless.
 I called, 877-424-3838, and spoke to a real person vs. a machine.  They provide services to help vets get off the street.  I hope it will work out for whoever has to use it and it’s a shame it took so long to be in effect. 
 It also is a shame that our vets are homeless, forgotten and ignored, until now.  It is also a crying shame that hundreds of thousands of the illegal invasion force crossing our borders daily, are being housed, fed, clothed, medicated and receiving cash and EBT cards, all at our expense, while American Veterans, who paid their dues with blood, sweat and tears are being ignored and forgotten.
 Again, if you know a Veteran who is homeless, help them and call the Homeless Vet Hotline 877-424-3838
Warren Barth