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Calls Hernandezs verbal attack at council meeting as unbecoming
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

It is a wonderful thing that we still live in a free country, and have the right to “freedom of speech.” But this was not the case for a member of the audience at the Manteca City Council meeting on August 3, 2010. After speaking to the council on a matter that was in no way offensive, almost before this person returned to his seat, he was verbally attacked by Councilman Vince Hernandez our self-proclaimed “Healer” based on his 2002 campaign slogan.

The outburst by Hernandez was simply not necessary. It was totally unbecoming for a council member to act as Hernandez did. This was terrible for Hernandez to act in such a manner.

We cannot have council members acting in such a manner as Hernandez did on August 3, 2010. And of all things after the council meeting was over, Councilman Hernandez did a little “crow eating” and apologized to this person thus showing that he was wrong in his actions. Councilman Hernandez should join up with former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and go on a speaking tour. Since they both speak with forked tongues, they would make a great team.

Mayor Willie Weatherford is losing control of his council. Maybe along with Hernandez they should both resign. If Hernandez and Willie cannot stand the heat in the kitchen, then drop out.

Fred Millner
August 9, 2010