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Caltrans needs to use pylons on 120 Bypass
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
After another horrific accident and death on the 120 Bypass, we can only wonder why Caltrans continues to do absolutely nothing to alleviate this situation.
For years now, anyone driving through the sections of road work on Interstate 5 and  Highway 99 toward Stockton has been rerouted around the construction zones by lane control in the form of tall orange pylons. They seem to work just fine. Why can’t Caltrans use those same pylons at the gore point at the transition ramp to southbound 99 where careless drivers cut into oncoming traffic at the last moment? Anything is better than nothing, which seems to be the only solution that Caltrans has been able to offer so far.  This is ridiculous.

S. Breacain