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Candidates need to address homeless, panhandling
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
The photo accompanying your piece in Around Town “Panhandling: A sign of the times?)” on Page A1 about panhandling in Monday’s Bulletin paralleled a discussion on the (Atherton Drive neighborhood) site.
I had posted a similar photo of the Modesto signs several weeks ago.
Most folks seem to support the signs.
However, since posting my photo I have routinely seen panhandlers standing in front of that very sign begging for money.
Simply, the signs don’t work unless there is an enforcement of the ordinances.
Another issue that gets confused is homelessness vs. panhandling.
Obviously there is a strong relationship between the two problems.
However, some panhandlers seem to be “professionals” at their trade.
I agree that these issues need to be addressed by Manteca City Council candidates.
Thanks for highlighting these problems.
Tim Gathany