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Cant believe offensive letters
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I read Mr. Simoni’s remarks about my letter to the editor. I do not appreciate you talking about a  Sadlowski Kool Aid. I do not know Mr. Baca, nor have I talked to him so where do you get off accusing me of that.

Mr. Scott McComas also is being critical of Ms. Pearsall for her letters as well. If you two were so smart and know everything, how come you are not in the White House? I take offense to the remark that you think I am a liberal American destroying democracy. Who died and made you god anyway? Everyone has the right to freedom of speech however; I get the feeling that you are the only one who has that right. You Baca and Simoni are so hateful it is unbelievable the Manteca Bulletin has allowed you people to dominate the paper with you smitten remarks in your letters but you are quick to point out that other people who write to the paper, have no opinion at all.
Connie Finck
March 11, 2009