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Cantu expands on plan to turn golf course into park
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I support the continuance and the enhancement of Manteca’s recreational golf component whether it remains at the current golf course or a new golf course. Recreational opportunities available to all residents are an important element within the overall scope of public services and general welfare, and a fiscally balanced community. My objective is to improve the quality of life of our residents, to expand the community’s recreational potential, and to enhance the municipal revenue stream; in this case accomplishing all three at the same time.

I remember when the current golf course was first developed from the city garbage dumpsite and when it was subsequently expanded to 18 holes, in both cases the naysayers also pronounced a doomsday scenario. Fortunately, forward-thinking individuals with a clear focus prevailed, so that today Manteca has a regionally recognized well-maintained and well-played municipal golf course and a handsome clubhouse.

My proposal, made quite some time ago (before the current election) to representatives of the golf association, is to first develop a new golf course and facilities at the edge of the community, then convert the present golf course property to a communitywide festival and regional park. My intent is to develop a coalition of positive leaders that will bring together a broad range of “outside-of-the-box” brainpower that will result both in the development of an award-winning golf course and a large multi-purpose open space component to our community.

Frankly, my definition of public service includes identifying a need, then developing a plan to meet that need, and then working towards bringing about the product within our lifetime.

Benjamin Cantu


Nov. 2, 2012