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Cantu: Hire city worker for $98K to write grants
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I see that the mayor has had another day late and dollar short revelation regarding the investment of our public funds to a lost cause, and the need to review the condition of our streets.

Since Manteca lost its direct homegrown congressional connection more than a decade ago, our community has become just another bit of white noise in the background of Washington, DC.  As such, trying to get an upper hand on the multitude of other agencies trying to skim a little representation or funds from the quagmire of special interests in Washington, is simply throwing good money after bad.  Investing community funds in a Washington, DC, lobbyist was a bad idea at the onset and highlights the mayor and council’s readiness to jump on the bandwagon with all the other agencies going to nowhere; just because “everyone else is doing it” does not make it a good idea.  

It seems that staff is making far more tangible progress in securing outside funds. Rather than being mired in hopes of a lobbyist opening a door, I recommend investing the $98,000 in a staff person that is dedicated to exploring for grants and special governmental funds, as another permanent revenue stream to the city’s fiscal coffer.

Manteca’s budgetary problems, the lay-off of police officers, the lack of funds to address community amenities, and so much more, all stem from the same lack of good judgment and forethought that has plagued this community for years.  It is time for a change, and a new focus.
Benjamin Cantu
May 7, 2010