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Cantu knows Manteca hasnt improved
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I looked over the so-called achievements of Manteca City Council member Debby Moorhead and found her claims faulty. The $14.2 million deficit under her watch caused 12 experienced officers to be laid off in Manteca.
She has also voted no on important issues and then voted yes in another session in the council. She also supports a one sided water conservation program that relies totally on the residents to comply with the mandate. She votes for thousands of new homes to use up the water we save. I guess she thinks this is fair to residents. The only thing she cares about is voting for issues that pertain to mass development in Manteca. As for job creation, she is part of the five who thinks installing greasy spoon restaurants repeatedly is the answer. She wants to address the homeless situation, yet she sat on the council for eight years and did virtually nothing except join the other council members in passing their duty to the Police Chief. We still have a homeless issue.
My vote goes to someone who the people never gave a chance. Ben Cantu gets my vote for he knows how this council is a do-nothing group of individuals. He knows Manteca hasn’t improved under this council’s efforts. We have a useless mayor that appears to me to work exclusively for special interests and constantly promises the people things he has no intention of pursuing. He directs all available funding to developers.
You can’t move anything when this council has no direction. The candidate for council that experienced a gang-related shooting proves that Moorhead and the council has not been effective in curbing violence. Why don’t you try the truth for a change Moorhead?

Fleener Richards