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Cantu wrong to blame Manteca council for hard times
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Ben Cantu said in his June 22, 2012 letter to the editor, that “blaming the economy is getting old.”   However, to ignore the truth and continue doing business as if there is nothing wrong would be far more detrimental to the citizens of Manteca. 

As David  Jinkens pointed out in his June 24, 2012 letter to the editor, residents and city governments continue to face tough economic times.  Just as we face difficult decisions in the management of our households, the City Council face far greater issues.  City revenue is primarily funded with sales taxes and property taxes, the collection of which is dependent on the ability of residents being able to pay for goods and services.  Continued unemployment, foreclosures and homelessness generates little or no revenue for the City.  How can the City Council be faulted for temporarily using other available funds when there is a shortage of revenues?  How many times in our lives have we had to borrow from savings to pay for unexpected emergencies?  In fact, the Council should be commended that there are funds available to cover shortfalls in these hard economic times. 

A week ago last Friday, major banks were downgraded.  No matter how many building permits are granted by the City, if banks withhold lending or make lending economically unfeasible, development projects may have to be put on hold. 

The factors leading to this state of affairs are varied, but certainly no fault of the City Council and way beyond its control.  The City Council has, however, through their long-term planning, positioned the City to weather these times far better than other cities.  I, for one, cannot criticize the Council for prioritizing the safety of its citizens and their property in these hard economic times.

Artemis Vourakis
June 25, 2012