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Carlon Perry: Appoint Hernandez
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

The Manteca City Council election has come and gone and the people of Manteca have spoken. We have a new mayor, Steve DeBrum and two new council members - Mike Morowit and Richard Silverman - and a vacant council seat to fill.

The cost of a special election is an option; however, I feel it best to appoint a qualified person to the position. The question before the council is, "Who will best serve the community of Manteca and its citizens?" Better yet, "Who should you appoint that will help you with the institutional knowledge and background on issues facing the City Council today and in the near term?" I don't believe that you should appoint someone who didn't take the time and effort to put his or her name on the ballot.

This is why I write today in support of the appointment of Vince Hernandez to the vacant seat on the City Council.

Vince will provide the needed institutional knowledge that will assist the new council members. He has fiscal management skills that will help avoid serious financial problems that continue to plague other cities. He understands the need to create new jobs and shopping opportunities and will work well with the new council to attract head of household jobs that will allow Mantecans to find good employment and get out of the rat race freeway commute.

Vince is very supportive of Manteca's veterans. The past council was unified in creating the Moffat Boulevard Community Center and Veterans of Foreign Wars home. And as the Commander of the Jimmie Connors Post 6311 Veterans of Foreign Wars our post is eternally grateful.

Vince Hernandez is the right choice to fill the vacant council seat.

Our community will be best served if our City Council's first official act is to appoint Vince Hernandez.

Carlon Perry

Former Manteca Mayor

Commander, VFW Post 6311