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Cat owners need to be responsible
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
In response to the lady whose letter to the editor appeared in Wednesday’s Manteca Bulletin, regarding cats, I would like to say the following:

Being a responsible pet owner constitutes knowing where your pet is and keeping that pet from becoming a nuisance (disturbance) to others.  We live in a nice neighborhood that for the past couple of months has become plagued with three cats. They are in our yard every night yowling and making the noises that cats do when in heat, or fighting or whatever they are doing. This causes our dogs to bark and run out through their doggy door, disrupting the sleep of neighbors I’m sure.   We are always awakened by the loud noises these cats make.   

 The lady is upset because people are killing the cats.  I don’t blame her, I would be upset too. However to trap the cats and take them to the humane society (pound) is not inhumane.   If the rightful owners of the cats aren’t going to keep them in so they can’t disturb people (and especially during the night) what choice do we, the neighbors, have but to trap them?  If our dogs were running loose they would be taken to the pound by the dog catcher. Yes, cats are different; however, if you want to own one, take care of it in a responsible way so that your neighbors are not affected by its behavior.
Paul Anderson
Jan. 13, 2010