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Challenges public safety personnel to work straight time on Fourth of July
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
The interlocked economies of the world have been shaken down by the interlocked central banking systems in collusion with the capitalist thugs that call the shots and their government stooges which make it all possible through their “oh woe is me they’re too big to fail” public relations.  As above, so below; we don’t have to look far to see a micro example of this fiscal shamelessness here in Manteca.  

Yet, there is still the gracious example of Phil Waterford in spite of all!  That is why, in this time of cut-backs and sacrifice, I honestly expect our fire and police departments to voluntarily relinquish their overtime pay for the 4th of July.  The idea of celebrating Independence Day on the 3rd of July because the 4th falls on a Saturday is too much!  Everything, everywhere is being cut, diminished or eliminated altogether.  Why can’t our expert professionals also make a gesture of sacrifice, in honor of all the pain and suffering that has gone into, and is still being exacted for, America?  This symbol is far too important to be fudged over because a bunch of capitalist criminals have once again lined their own pockets at the expense of every man, woman and child in the world!  This is still America!  The souls of all who’ve paid the price, shout a demand!  What’s a little over-time anyway?  I for one will celebrate Independence Day on the 4th of July

The people of Manteca must make their voices heard on this huge symbolic issue!  Let’s put it to a vote at the police department and at all the fire houses.  Surely there are more than enough volunteers who would be willing to work for straight-time on Saturday, the 4th of July 2009!?  I believe Mr. Waterford’s example will bear fruit!  Glory, glory halleluiah!
 Steven J. Catalano
June 1, 2009