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Christians need to to stand up for faith
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I loved your article (“A strong faith in volunteers & Christianity”, Friday, Oct, 8, 2010).  I agree with you 100%.  Christians need to speak out more and be heard more. Christians have learned and taught from God to be, respectful of others, understanding, forgiving, and  tolerant.  

Wait, let’s talk about tolerant!  We have been too tolerant for too long, and now we are faced with the fact that we are “under attack”, that we need to prove our existence.  Christians are still the majority in this country, but we must be heard and seen and stand up for our Christianity, before that right is taken away from us.

I am a mother, grandmother and active volunteer, and I am very concerned about where this country and its faith are going.  We need to get back to our strong Christian beliefs, not just among ourselves, but across this whole country.

I have started a grass-roots effort to unite Christians and help us all stand strong in our beliefs and let others know where we stand and what we believe in.  Go to: and get your wristband in support of this effort and tell others about it too.  Together we WILL be recognized and heard.

Thanks again for writing this great article.  I will share it with others.

Chris Berge
Oct. 8, 2010