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Churches do support the community
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I want to pass on my appreciation on the recent articles written about Calvary Community Church.  We are past members of Calvary, my wife works at the pre-school (Lions and Lambs), and our children attend the AWANA program there.  We don’t actively attend there for personal reasons, but we still love and support the ministries at Calvary.  The senior pastor, Dan Angove, and associate pastors are great people, and we have many close friends attending Calvary.  Your assessment that churches supporting the community is spot-on.  It is a fact that most religious organizations constantly reach out to the community; because that’s what they serve others and to help those in need.   

Consider this, the youth program at Calvary has a mission trip each year to Arizona to help Native Americans with home building and repair projects.   Not everyone can  attend the trip, it requires a year’s worth of work including numerous outreach programs in the community.  Only then can a teenager participate in the mission trip.  Also, when there is a natural disaster anywhere in the United States, Calvary along with other churches will conduct special donations and food/clothing drives to help including helping with the logistics to get the materials to those in need.  All churches do this, however as you know, it takes a lot of resources including facilities to support these programs.  Calvary did everything right in the expansion project; only building/expanding what it could afford, nothing more.

Congratulations on your reporting, to use the Fox analogy, it was “fair and balanced”.
Bill & Carol Smith
Nov. 4, 2009