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City branding trumps safety
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Manteca’s new city manager certainly has wasted no time in spending tax dollars for what she says is a “safe and prosperous city” by spending $57,500 to brand Manteca.
Well, safety has got to begin with improving the condition of streets, sidewalks, and alleys that are deteriorating. A downtown merchant was the latest to be injured due to the deplorable conditions of downtown alleys.
The city has no money for alley improvements or even repairs yet has $57,500 for branding.
Council members Richard Silverman, Mike Morowit, and Vince Hernandez were reluctant at first but then all three jumped on the bandwagon to spend $57,500 on branding of all things plus money for council members to have their own office.
Why after all these years do council members need an office? It’s just more wasted tax dollars.
Perhaps Silverman can teach classes on how to become a consultant after Morowit pointed out at the last council meeting that Silverman at one time was a paid consultant,
It is clean that the new city manager is gearing up for a massive spending spree. She’s in need of more assistants and probably departments heads will be too.
Perhaps we could have a “special assistant” for the upcoming council election.

Fred Millner