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City cleans up trash
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

In response to your article on the front page tuesday about “Trash always overflows on Moffat Blvd.:”

My crew cleaned it up today and even got the owners to agree to more service.  More service means that the bin will get emptied more often

that means it should not always  be overflowing anymore. 

We also cleaned up the mess on Industrial Park Drive across from the Postal Annex.  Just a note:  city crews did not pile that mess there; a homeless guy did.  He thought he was doing the City a favor by piling it up nice and neat and typing an orange cloth around it. 

We do our best to try and keep containers emptied and lots cleaned up but we are working with the same number of staff that we had seven years ago and sometimes it’s difficult to keep up.  We recently re-routed our collections so that we can now go to Lovelace which has helped free up some people, allowing us time to clean up areas like Moffat and Industrial on days when we are fully staffed. 

It’s a challenge, but we try our best. 

Rexie LeStrange

Solid Waste Superintendent

City of Manteca