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City is blinded by Great Wolf grandeur
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
If Great Wolf is such a great idea, why did Gilroy and Brentwood pass on it? Both are closer to major population centers with other activities to attract patrons.
The original concept of these lodges was to service customers in very cold climates where a break from severe winters is attractive, even at the cost. The others that are in warmer climates are on the fringe  of large population centers again with many other activities. There are free standing water parks all over Northern California including three in the Bay Area.
What benefit does it provide to current local residents of Manteca? If I have kids and can afford it, I am going to Anaheim. The truth is most people here can’t afford it and will never use it. Please don’t talk about jobs and taxes. The temporary jobs will be outsiders. The permanent jobs will be mostly low paying. Yes the city will collect more money to provide services to the additional housing planned. The city is a one trick pony, build, tax and serve, then repeat. We already have a traffic mess but they seem to be determined to add to it.
Once again the city is blinded by visions of grandeur. One can’t help but wonder what goes on under cover of darkness.
This has the potential of being a huge bust. Hopefully I am wrong.

Mark Cappellanti