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City needs to slow traffic on Union Road
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I don’t know if you’ve had the pleasure of trying to make a turn from Wawona Street to Union Road lately, but it can be a scary adventure. After making a stop on Wawona on Thursday, I inched my way out and  tried to make a right turn. Only to be met by traffic flying along Union at more than the 35 mile an hour speed limit. After there Wawona, southbound traffic’s speed limit increases to 40 mph so traffic picks up speed crossing through the light.

I know the Manteca Police Department constantly has officers writing tickets on this stretch and my complaint is not with their efforts. But something has to be done to slow traffic down on this stretch of road between Yosemite and the 120 bypass before someone gets hurt.

As I understand it, a traffic light is supposed to placed on Daniels Street. But that will have little effect on the rest of Union street traffic. Could the city look at reducing the speed limit on Union? Everyone knows, that with a 35 mph speed limit, most people will drive 5 mph or more faster. So if the speed limit was 30, the traffic speed would be much safer. Another suggestion would be to place a stop between Wawona and Yosemite streets to slow people down and break up the flow of traffic because once the light is finished at the 120 Bypass overpass, there will no more stop there and traffic could flow through the green at that intersection and never stop.

For the sake of safety, something needs to be done.
Dave Smith    
May 29, 2009