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City not worried about sidewalk issues
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
The future of all sidewalks in our fair city no doubt will have a hump in them, as is the case now in front of Lincoln Elementary School. This issue has been reported numerous times, including at least six by me to, the Public Works Department who passes the buck to the “Street Division” because they say it’s not a safety issue.
It is plain to see that the city is flirting with another lawsuit if a student going to or from school is hurt. This is a faulty sidewalk that needs attention now and not later.
 If this was an issue in Woodward Park, or the Sierra High School area, this would be done overnight and paved in gold. The city has had all summer to correct this problem, but they say it’s not a priority.
Since when is a public safety issue not a priority?
Since Councilman Rich Silverman is a man about town perhaps he should take a stroll by Lincoln Elementary and see for himself that this is a safety issue. But it’ll only help if he has his eyes open when he does it.

Fred Milner