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City of Manteca is not Fort Knox
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
One of all and all for one seems to be the concern young Scott Tolman is getting from Tom Angove, Lori Brubaker, and last but not the least, “Guardian Angel.”
Thank goodness we still have freedom of speech. I don’t have to “hide behind” a letter to the editor to express my concerns but prefer to write letters. Nor do I have to “hide behind the podium” at the council meetings and be almost in tears trying to snowball the Manteca City Council to build a multi-million dollar aquatics center which is the last thing this city needs. Besides, the most important thing on the city’s master plan is the FEZ or family entertainment zone.
A new police facility is badly needed. We need an additional fire station. There is a considerable amount of street and sidewalk work needed in town. It is against that backdrop that there is a push to build a multi-million dollar aquatics center. It isn’t going to happen anytime soon.
Brubaker mentions scores of kids who have gone on to swim for the Dolphins and other teams around town that learned to swim at Lincoln Pool. She must have had earplugs in if she couldn’t hear all of the noise.
Councilman Richard Silverman is right — close down Lincoln Pool.
All these people going back and forth to the podium hoping that council will heed their wanting this, wanting that commands is better than panhandling. What do these people think the City of Manteca is — Fort Knox?

Fred Millner