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City spends $8.7M without commitment
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Spending $8.7 million to prepare a site for a future indoor waterpark resort with no private sector commitment even to build shows how much this Manteca City Council cares about residents.
This council tells us if nothing else we can use part of the infrastructure being put in to irrigate the parks with recycles wastewater. This council ignores and breaks promises to residents in this city and diverts spending to an area without having a single commitment. Alleys are in deplorable condition and this council makes excuses why they can’t fix them.
I would think actual projects takes priority over speculated projects. Not with this council, for they place top priority on feeding contracts to special interest. It is no small wonder why complaints from residents are showing up in the letter column on the city breaking promises to residents.
Mayor Steve DeBrum has a history on the council of making promises and ignoring them after he is elected. He told us he had plans for renovating the city, this was empty lying campaign promises. This council will exhaust the remaining redevelopment agency bond proceeds by diverting money away from actual needs and spending on business speculation.
DeBrum fools some, but I don’t buy into his brand of city government that takes care of special interests, and deep sixes residential needs.

Fleener Richards