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City workers doing a good job
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Thanks for your article ‘Manteca Unified Cuts PG&E Bill by $1.4M’ in Tuesday’s Bulletin, and the article ‘Fill’er Up With Food Waste’ in last weekend’s issue, as well as the article you wrote a month or so ago about cost saving and energy generation improvements being made at the city’s wastewater treatment facility. If we add to those stories the reporting that you’ve done recently about the management of the city’s police and fire departments, and the public works department and solid waste division, a reasonable person can only come to the conclusion that city government in Manteca is doing an outstanding job of serving the citizens of our community, and saving us all money in the process by their forward thinking and expertise.

 Now, I’m certain that this news will come as a shock to those writers to the Bulletin whose letters to the editor I’ve been reading for years, grousing about our city officials and employees, claiming that they’re all a bunch of corrupt, stupid, lazy idiots, who spend all day sitting on their thumbs while bringing in a fat paycheck that they don’t deserve. Please continue to give credit where credit is due, despite the critics. I for one enjoy reading some positive reporting occasionally.

Stephen Breacain