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Claims GOP is a 3-ring circus
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Normally a response to a response is not very productive, especially when said response appears to originate from another dimension or beyond. However said response was so hilarious I just couldn’t help myself. Reference (Democrats can’t have it both ways) Aug. 31, by Robert Blanch. His response was in response to mine and Mr. Sadlowski’s response to Mr. Aquila’s practice of using “cut and paste” for anything he finds on the Internet that sounds good to him or his cause. In this case, common right wing scare tactics.

Besides pointing out the obvious “Cut and Paste” modus operandi that can always be expected from Mr. Aquila’s letters, both Mr. Sadlowski and myself addressed the “Scare Tactics” of the right wing fringe and I might add the right wing leadership.

Just the other day, Michael Steele sent out a questionnaire to Republicans. One of the questions was whether Republicans were worried about Democrats using voter records to identify Republicans and thus denying them health care under health care reform. Yes, according to Mr. Steele, Democrats are not only targeting old people but all Republicans. Can you believe that? What gets me is why is Michael Steele trying to scare Republicans? Add to this Sen. Grassley, who is supposed to be negotiating with Democrats on health reform but who also warned about “Death Panels” and now says he will not negotiate but will try to kill any kind of health reform. I hope the Democrats have finally gotten the message. The party of “NO” is still the same party. We also recently heard of Congresswoman Jenkins who said the Republican party is looking for “The Great White Hope”. Later she said she didn’t know the term was racist in nature even though just a week earlier she had voted on a bill that explained that very quote. Her answer to that was that she really didn’t read the bill she voted on. That suggests she is lying or not doing her job. The gasses continue to bubble to the surface in this spectacle of wingnuts on parade.

Mr. Blanch starts off his response by claiming Mr. Sadlowski and myself to be “Clowns”, then Mr. Blanch turns right around and performs his best Bozo imitation, complete with red wig, large nose and floppy shoes.

1. Mr. Blanch claims it is not possible to spread misinformation (lie) and cut and paste from the Internet at the same time, therefore we must make a choice between the two. He apparently got this idea as he was putting on his red wig, which I can only assume was too tight.

2. Insinuates that only President Obama appointed czars when the practice actually started with Nixon. (Put on big red Nose)

3. Mr. Blanch insinuates that America has never had anything to apologize for, really? Apparently he supported the Cowboy diplomacy of the Bush/Cheney administration, the use of torture and maybe even the Japanese American internment camps of WWII. Starting an unnecessary war that has resulted in countless lost lives probably doesn’t even rank. (Add floppy shoes)

4. He speaks of the Afghanistan war as a Democrat-controlled war. He fails to mention why we are still involved in that war. How the previous administration lost focus of why we were there in the first place and all but abandoned it and based on misinformation or worse, started another war. Now that the focus has shifted under President Obama, the right wing fringe castigates the Democrats for the whole thing. (Apply makeup).

5. He insinuates that Democrats call our veterans terrorists but doesn’t mention what they have done for Veteran health care- a government-run health care system, I might add. (Put on funny costume).

6. He then makes the most ludicrous insinuation of all, that one of Sarah Palin fame, “Death Panels” or in his words “Death Therapy”, thus joining the greatest of whackos, the “Deathers”, those right under the “Birthers” which I am willing to bet Mr. Blanch is a card-carrying member in good standing. (Climb into very small car and crash into something).

One could only imagine what goes on in the collective minds of the “Fringe” and the Republican leadership, as it is, there is plenty of doubt that leadership even exists in that party. One thing for certain is if you plan on taking a walk through their minds, you better not wear your good shoes.
Larry Baca
Sept. 1, 2009