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Clinton is most competent candidate
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Now that Hillary Clinton is the decided Democratic nominee for President, the attacks on her have intensified dramatically. Sadly, many of the attacks are coming from not only the Republicans (as expected) but also from other Democrats.
For over 20 years Republicans have been using innuendo and misinformation to undermine Clinton’s credibility; and, at taxpayers’ expense, hold witch-hunt style investigations and hearings.
Cleverly utilizing social media resources, America Rising PAC and Karl Rove’s American Crossroads, are propagating misinformation (lies) to such a degree many liberals are buying it. That is especially true of young people who are unfamiliar with the long-standing vendetta against Clinton.
Their most effective tactic is to throw out an accusation, spread it to the media (traditional and social), and use surrogates to repeatedly address the manufactured falsehood through those media sources. The more the accusation is spoken, the more credibility it garners. Thus a lie becomes a “truth.”
Choosing to vote for Clinton is not a vote for “the lesser for two evils”. It is a vote for the most experienced, intellectually competent person. Her knowledge of international and national issues surpasses all previous Presidents; and is what America desperately needs right now.

Mary VanDerostyne