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Clinton: More emails & donations
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Hillary Clinton is a generous woman; she gave $1,042,000 in charitable donations in 2015 with $1,000,000 in donations to herself!  How can that be you may ask?  Hillary made the $1 million donation to her own charitable organization, the Clinton Foundation, receiving a tax deduction as well for the contribution.  This is literally taking money out of your left pocket and putting it into your right pocket as only 15% of the money to the charitable Clinton Foundation is actually used toward charity with the other 85% being used toward expenses and staffing.
What I found to be so odd was the remaining $42,000 in donations which was donated to Desert Classic Charities.  What was ironic was that Desert Classic Charities gave $700,000 in donations to the Clinton Foundation.  In essence, the Clintons took $654,000 from a charitable organization for themselves.
Who else has donated to the Clinton Foundation?  According to Bloomberg, the Clinton’s failed to report over 1,100 foreign donations and according to the Washington Post, the Clinton Foundation received millions from seven different countries.
The whole email debacle also may not be over.  Hillary avoided indictment from the FBI for having an illegal server that allowed foreign governments to hack into and receive confidential information, including the names and locations of our informants.
Why would Hillary have a secret email server to begin with?  The answers may be in the emails themselves which caused Hillary to attempt to delete over 32,000 emails as she claimed they were private emails about Yoga and her daughter’s wedding. (Really? 32,000 emails?)  What is strange is that some Americans actually believe her. 
The Clintons were involved in a “pay for play” money laundering scheme, using Hillary’s position as Secretary of State to sign off on certain deals with Bill Clinton providing speeches in return for donations to the Clinton Foundation.
An investigative report from the New York Times also revealed the Clintons were involved in secret deals of greed, bribery, and treason where Hillary used her Secretary of State position to approve the sale of American uranium deposits to an associate named Frank Guistra, who sold it to Russia in return for $100 million donation to the Clinton Foundation, which is being used by her campaign in a money laundering scheme.
The Clinton Foundation amassed $250 million in foreign cash, according to the Wall Street Journal, who lobbied Hillary as Secretary of State in donations to the Clinton Foundation. Could those emails have exposed such crimes?
Could Americans get away with deleting evidence or using their position of power to amass large amounts of cash to be used toward their own financial and political influence?  Could any American create their own charitable foundation and make a donation to it for their own financial gain?  No.  Only the Clintons have been able to succeed in taking advantage of the system, the taxpayers, and then lying about it.  How nice it would be to be able to make a donation to yourself and get away with it as only Hillary can.

Frank Aquila