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Column on benefits sensationalizes issue
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Your column on May 31 headlined “The Burden of a 90% Public Safety Retirement Benefit” sensationalizes safety retirement pensions and does not address our real fiscal problems.  Safety retirement pensioners have worked and have been responsible contributors to society, the economy, and your safety for their working years.

People on welfare take from the system.  Illegal aliens take from the system.  If you want to report about areas to save the city and state money, report about the drain welfare and illegal aliens cause.  People on welfare don’t work.  Illegal aliens suck our economy of its resources.  To improve the state and the city deficit, welfare should be reduced and all funding to illegal aliens should be eliminated.

Society and our economy benefit from by those who ‘carry the water not drink the water’, by those who ‘pull the wagon not sit in the wagon’.   Put this information in your newspaper and leave safety retirement pensioners alone.
 Doug Wells
June 2, 2009