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Complete confidence in Jacqui Breitenbucher
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
This letter is in response to Ms. Robertson’s letter about Jacqui Breitenbucher.  Ms. Robertson’s main point was that Jacqui is not qualified for the top business position at Manteca Unified School District.  Ms. Robertson claims that Jacqui does not have the experience for this position and (rumor) has is Jacqui will need a top notch consultant to train her.  I personally know Jacqui and her family very well.  I know what she went through to get her masters degree from CSU Stanislaus.

CSU Stan has the highest accreditation in the nation that any school can get.  The business school human relations department is number one in the nation.  It is even better than Cornell University.  Jacqui is fully capable to be a consultant.  I know, because, I consult on a regular basis.  Ms. Robertson, go to the CSU Stan web site and look up the courses required to earn a master’s degree.  Your comment about “these challenging economic times” and “school district business experience in the business office” shows you do not understand the difference between education, experience and training.  To earn a master’s degree, you have to be a top undergrad student.  Many of the undergrad students educational focus is just that, focused.  It is limited to their major.  At the master’s level, the student has to learn and understand many other disciplines (major) equally as well as the student that has focused on their one discipline.  At the level Jacqui is entering and the expertise she will need is a broad based knowledge, not a limited, narrow, focused understanding of one discipline.  Jacqui has started out as a teacher, moved to Principal, and now, Senior Director of Business Services.

Don’t you think that having an understanding of the educational system is important in order to conduct school business?  What better combination (teacher, principal, and business) does MUSD need for this position?  Ms. Robertson, go to the CSU Stan web site and see if you can qualify for earning a master’s degree.  Check out the required courses and tell me that they do not apply.  A person with a master’s degree will train those who do not have one, not the other way around.  Jacqui has my full support and confidence.  
Scott McComas
June 20, 2009