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Computer buy costs support for bond
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

The latest indication of this school district’s irresponsible spending is the purchase of mini computers for all school children. This is an expensive investment that this district is entering into and it doesn’t lend merit to the district’s promise of using Measure G bond receipts for school repair exclusively.

It is apparent to me that the district is entering into an expensive program that is an on-going expense in providing these devices for every student. This program falls into two categories, maintaining them or discarding them when they get a few years old. These units are proven not to be that reliable in the long stretch. Buying $14.7 million worth of mini computers (tablets), is an expensive endeavor by this district. This proves that the promise of spending it on school repairs won’t be honored.

I can remember when school officials were plugging for the last school measure to pass. They chanted pass this for the kids and turned around and built a $25 million school district building with all new furnishings. Perhaps the district thinks we have forgotten about this diversion of funding away from students. Based on the past experience of this diversion of educational funds, I won’t fall for this district’s attempt to scam the residents for another tax for schools. I will vote “no’” on this tax for the district hasn’t changed their extravagant spending one bit. Perhaps the principal that wrote the bit on passing this tax doesn’t know much about the spending history of this district.

Fleener Richards