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Concerned about Lincoln Pool overcrowding
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I am writing to express my frustration with the overcrowding at the Lincoln Park pool.

While I am extremely grateful that Manteca citizens have access to a public swimming pool, I am quite annoyed with the fact that daycare facilities are allowed to bring large groups to the pool during open swim hours especially for those families who have purchased a season pass, and are “bullied” out of the pool by a plethora of over-enthusiastic children.

I bring this to the city’s attention because I am concerned for the safety of the children and adults swimming there. For example: during one open swim session, three times a child almost jumped on top of me and my 9-year-old daughter was pushed under the water because she was not moving fast enough for a boy swimming behind her. Now, my daughter is reluctant to go back to Lincoln Park pool because of the overcrowding caused by the visits of the local childcare facilities.

I am not proposing that these facilities be banned from the pool. I understand that these children should enjoy the benefits of an inexpensive fun filled day in the sun. However, the issue of the overcrowding caused during their visit needs to be addressed. Perhaps large groups should be required to swim outside open swim hours, as any other large group would have to do when having a “pool party” (See page 42 in the Manteca Parks and Recreation Activity Guide). Another solution would be to open up one of the high school swimming pool for these facilities.

Theresa Carter
July 2, 2011