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Confident SSJID will reduce rates by 15% or more
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

On June 9, I sent a letter to San Joaquin County LAFCO endorsing and supporting SSJID’s petition to take over the electric distribution system for the Manteca, Ripon and neighboring communities.  My wife and I are retired residents in the City of Manteca, and are enjoying our life in this city.  Being on a limited and fixed income, we are very anxious to be able to maintain our living expenses within reasonable limits.  Therefore, any action that will assure us of a real savings in our utility costs will be a great boon.

 I have spent nearly a half century in water utility professions and have witnessed many events that affect the supplies of water, electricity and gas to local consumers. I am sincerely concerned about the waste, mismanagement and severe lack of maintenance that I have witnessed in the PG&E operations.  I recall the time they attempted to sell off all of their hydroelectric operations and cut maintenance throughout their systems in order to increase their net income.  This was to fund the high salaries and huge bonuses to those in their headquarters, while all the time providing a very comfortable dividend for their shareholders.  Outside of their annual report, I sometimes wonder if the shareholders are really aware of the actions of the upper level management personnel in the main office

 Since PG&E must pay such huge salaries, bonuses and dividends, as well as improve their maintenance management and record keeping, it is obvious that they are truly unable to provide electric service at a truly reasonable cost to the utility consumers in this area.  We are presently paying a premium rate to PG&E.  With SSJID not having to pay high executive salaries, bonuses and dividends, as well as the fact that they already have an excellent asset management program, it is easy to see that SSJID can provide the electric service at a considerable savings – at least the 15% promised by SSJID.  With their excellent, honest and conservative management practices, I would not be surprised if the savings might be even greater. 

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June 28, 2011