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Congress wont be rewiring US tax code anytime soon
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

The U.S. tax code is extremely long and complex, with a great many loopholes and credits. People with only passive income (Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Mitt Romney) pay very little, if any, taxes, because that’s the way the tax code is written.

If a person works hard, invests well, spends wisely, and is legally able to avoid taxes - good for them!

Similarly, many with lower incomes get a great number of federal tax credits and exemptions, and they also pay little or no taxes. Obviously, the system is broken. Something needs to be done - most especially rewriting the tax code! Given the current Congress, that isn’t likely to happen. It’s time to vote for some people with fresh ideas including state legislators.

Bekke Hess


Aug. 9, 2012