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Conservatives need a respectable party
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
In a recent letter to your paper I commented on how the Republican Party has lost its credibility, and I even made a constructive suggestion as to how they could begin to regain the conservative mantel of fiscally responsible. Then I read the letter posted in Monday’s paper by the President of the South San Joaquin Republican Party only to realize that credibility is out of reach for this party. Instead of showing leadership in how he looks to move the Party into the 21st century, the writer decides to dig into the Republican bag of dirty tricks and he comes up with manipulation and fear mongering.

The writer chooses to pick one of the most divisive subjects, religion, to further drive a wedge between the citizens of this county. He starts off with something that the GOP has become masters at, twisting the truth. Mr. Aquila implies that those on the left have anointed The President as the messiah, all the time knowing that this was a GOP ploy from the Presidential campaign. The GOP tried to imply that Americans were turning to Obama as if he was some kind of messiah. He then implies that our President is somehow the Anti-Christ. He coyly makes the statement that Obama “is also not the Anti-Christ” only to spend the remainder of his letter implying so. The mere fact that nowhere in this country, let alone the world, are there respected religious leaders making the claims that President Obama is the Anti-Christ or the messiah, which speaks volumes to the point that Mr. Aquila’s only intent is to manipulate people of faith. …

…When it comes to the Republican Party, their leadership is bankrupt. The fringe has truly taken over the party, and all they have is divisiveness. For so long now their strategy has been to be the “lesser of two evils party”, leaving them with no principles and no platform, as well as no leadership ability. How does Frank think that this letter is going to entice young people to want to join his party, because the Democrats are aligned with the devil? You see young people like Meghan McCain, daughter of Senator John McCain, making an effort to draw young voters to the GOP by attempting to speak of the virtues of the party by presenting their principles in a more moderate tone. She has called out one of the most outspoken on the fringe, Ann Coulter, to contrast her views with that of the fringe. In response to Meghan voicing her views on the ideological future of the Republican Party, conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham mocked her on her radio show by calling Meghan “a Valley Girl gone awry,” and a “plus-sized model.” So when someone tries to lead in a respectable and credible way, the fringe insults and belittles the person. It is time for the SSJ Republicans to seriously consider new leadership, or face the fact that the GOP will soon become a 3rd party like the Green Party, and Libertarian Party. They too are led by the fringe, and are only minor players in the leadership of this country. There are many respectable conservatives who do not have a respectable party to get behind, just a Republican Party that leads by game playing, and manipulation. What a shame.
Scott Sadlowski
March 17, 2009