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Contends Aquila is blowing smoke
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Once again we are bored with this rather lengthy, rambling, strange obsession with Hillary Clinton and President Obama (Letter: “Democrat ‘Dream Team’ going after President Trump”) on Dec. 13 by Frank Aquila.
I say ‘rather lengthy, rambling’ because this letter took a full third of a page, longer than the day’s editorial. Apparently Mr. Aquila doesn’t realize President Obama finished his eight  years in office and Hillary Clinton lost the last election a full year ago. The only Obama Administration “scandal” that comes to mind, was the time President Obama dared to wear a Tan Suit, contrast that to what we are subjected to on an almost daily basis. There is no ongoing investigation with either President Obama or Hillary Clinton, unlike the two congressional investigations plus a Special Prosecutor investigation looking into the Trump/Russia collusion scandal. It’s an investigation which has already lead to a couple of guilty pleas and two indictments on two other Administration officials who are currently under house arrest. Two of the individuals who have already pleaded guilty are now cooperating with the Special Investigators and you can bet more indictments will follow, and That is what has most Republican Congressmen and avid Trump supporters like Aquila shaking in their boots.
I suppose this is why Mr. Aquila is vainly trying to blow as much smoke as possible, the same game plan being pursued by the Trump Administration and the Republican Congress as well as FOX News. This isn’t going to make the investigations into the Trump/Russia collusion go away. In fact, it looks like obstruction of justice charges against Trump are just around the corner. Republican Congressmen, and Mr. Aquila are now trying to discredit the Muller investigation by doing things like bringing up Peter Strzok, the FBI agent Muller let go for making email comments about Trump. What Mr. Aquila decided to take a pass on, was what Strzok said in one such EM which was calling Trump an “Idiot”. I suppose Aquila doesn’t want to draw attention to the obvious. I guess an FBI agent calling Trump an “Idiot” is way worse than Trump’s own Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson calling Trump a “moron”, both of which I think most Americans agree on, are quite accurate. Apparently Trumps lowest favorable rating of any sitting President ever, now at 32% qualifies both those descriptors, doesn’t it?
Mr. Aquila should stick to issues that affect every American. Could it be he may light up the reasons for those dismal ratings? Let’s just take a couple of the very recent issues like why doesn’t he talk about net neutrality or the real reason why the Trump Administration is so adamant about repealing net neutrality? I mean besides the fact it was an Obama policy. Could it be because it is going to cost everyone who now depends on free and unhindered Internet access? Why doesn’t he talk about the giant tax giveaway to the rich and giant corporations on the backs of the average American or about the 13 million Americans who will lose their health coverage and the millions more who will see increases in their Health Premiums because of it? Maybe he can explain why this highly unpopular Tax Bill seems to be constructed in a way to punish those states who voted against Trump by having people living in states with high state and local taxes like New York or California losing their ability to deduct those taxes? Why doesn’t he talk about Sexual Harassment? Could it be that the biggest self-described sexual predator is Trump, who bragged about the methods he used to prey on women and the 19 women who came forward to verify his own words recorded on that infamous Access Hollywood tape?
No, I doubt Aquila will ever walk that walk. He will most likely sit in his fortress of solitude and continue to kick the flat tires of the Hillary/Obama scandals that never were, never realizing his oversized red MAGA baseball hat is fraying and fading as we speak. So sad . . .

Larry Baca