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Contends Denham is pandering for votes
letter to editor

 Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Recently several favorable articles have appeared on the front page of the Bulletin regarding Jeff Denham’s appearances in our district (“Denham push for Dreamers deal advances” on Friday, June 8).  There once was a segment of news called “Point — Counterpoint.”  I would like to take the counterpoint position to your article on Friday.  
Jeff has been more than willing to discuss his record with groups like the Rotary Club while shunning opportunities to meet with regular constituents in his district.  He has dodged such meetings and forums regularly and my question is “why?”
You suggested that he could lose support for his re-election campaign from hardliners who are against Dreamers and all immigration reform.  That sounds like he is taking some kind of serious risks by attempting to stake out a moderate position, when in fact it is simply an effort to garner the votes of moderates by proposing changes to DACA at a propitious time in the election cycle.  It appears that the primary thrust of his campaign as described in recent articles in the Bulletin is DACA reform.  
You mentioned that early on he proposed that illegal immigrants could get a pathway to citizenship if they joined the military service; if they were willing to put their lives on the line they could become citizens.  What you forgot to say was that the Enlist Act simply would have allowed them to get a green card, not full citizenship. In other words, they could risk death in combat for a green card.  
You stated that Denham “has been advocating for immigration reform since being elected in 2010.”  So, I suggest that he has been unsuccessfully working on this for 8 years now. I call that failure. You pointed out that the Obama Administration controlled Congress but were unable to act on Dreamer legislation. Did Denham work with that administration to do so, or was he simply part of an obstructionist Republican Party?  
Denham’s position includes $25 billion to build a wall on our border with Mexico.  You know — the one the Mexicans were going to pay for. That cost will just add to the burgeoning national debt.  And as anyone who has ever read about George Patton’s life, they would know that he said that he could beat any permanent defensive emplacement he faced.  The real dreamers here are those who think such a wall would be a significant impediment to illegal immigration and movement of drugs from Mexico into the U.S.  
Current ICE activities have been seriously damaging the lives of illegal immigrant families who are being separated from their children by current practices.  Your article on detention centers stated that ICE had transferred dozens of mothers separated from their children.” It has been many more than that.  ICE has designated 1,000 beds in Victorville, CA as well as in other states for just this purpose.  Television news reported that a former Walmart in Texas houses a thousand such immigrants and that they are literally in metal cages like animals.  Has Jeff been a loud and frequent voice against such brutal treatment of his fellow human beings there?  
Finally, Jeff Denham stated, “If this is the last thing I do as a congressman, I will be very happy.”  I say to the voters of district 10, let us in fact make this the last thing he does as our congressman, and make congressman Denham and those of us who wish for better representation happy, happy, happy.

Mike Killingsworth