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Contends ‘the false reality the left relies on’ has been crumbling
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Since Donald Trump won the GOP primary, the left has become very angry, nasty, and violent.  This is not due to Mr. Trump becoming president, but due to the false reality the left believes in and relies on, has been crumbling.  The left has changed the meaning of words, and relied on these new meanings to justify their actions.  The world has not accepted these new meanings which cause strife that the left blames others for causing.  

Antifa is notorious for this.  Antifa is a fascist that engages in fascist activities, but think they are upholding the ideals of the constitution or the values of this country.  David Hogg who is just a kid that recently experienced a shooting in his school now thinks he is full of wisdom and knows how to apply common sense logic to stop mass killings.  My question is:  are all the current gun laws based on nonsensical reasoning so that they should be replaced?  The main reason the left can’t solve issues is they can’t understand the real cause and effect.  This is because reality interferes with their false reality of the world.  Recent rulings on the 2nd Amendment bear this out.  

Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. chided the 9th Circuit for ignoring the text of immigration laws and creating a legal standard for bail hearings “out of thin air” by requiring that immigrants be given periodic bail hearings.

“Spotting a constitutional issue does not give a court the authority to rewrite a statute as it pleases,” Justice Alito wrote for the majority.

Left leaning liberal judges have been making up false concepts and interpretations of the constitution for years.  In Caetano v. Massachusetts (2016), a unanimous anti-2nd Amendment ruling by that state’s Supreme Court was rejected by a unanimous Supreme Court.  The 9th circuit court just recently wrote an opinion that concealed carry was not protected under the 2 Amendment.  Their reasoning and history to support their opinion came out of thin air.  The last two opinions on the 2nd Amendment were correct.  These two opinions are now going to open the flood gates to your 2 amendment rights.  In 2010, the liberal left outlawed the right to open carry.  When you pair this with the rules for concealed carry, one could not have a gun to protect themselves.  Some counties gave out CCW permits, but most counties would not.  The 9th Circuit court now states that open carry with a loaded gun is a right.  Also, large capacity magazines are legal.  In my last letter to the editor, I spoke of liberal left use political tactics that back fire.  (Pun not intended.)  The common sense gun laws are one of those types of tactics that are back firing.  California’s penal code 12276.1, which defines what an assault weapon is, will now fall.  The National Firearms act of 1934 will fall and allow sawed-off shotguns to become legal.  In US v. Miller (1939) the court ruled that a sawed-off shotgun had no military purpose so it was not protected by the 2nd amendment.  In Caetano, the US Supreme court ruled that even Tasers can be useful in a military.  The Massachusetts Supreme Court reasoned that the Taser had no military value, was strange and unusual, and was not invented during the Revolutionary war.  The pro 2nd Amendment arguments are based on clear facts and understanding of history.  While the liberal left is basing their arguments on emotions, false narratives of history, and misleading facts.  

Each time the left tries to pass a simple (common sense) law, they give reason and ammunition to the right to successfully challenge the constitutionally their laws.  It is the Democrats and the liberal left that is destroying this country with all their protests, calls for uprising, media bias, shouting down GOP leaders, and violence.  We can come together as a country when we become one.  The left philosophy of diversity is keeping people from becoming American first.  Melissa Schlag is protesting the laws that were in place long before Mr. Trump came into office.  Ms. Schlag is not protesting injustice, but the left losing the election and driving the direction of this country. 

Scott McComas