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Contends Trump is most despised human on earth and hates California
letter to editor

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

As soon as I heard the obviously and expected biased 4 page opinion on the two plus years long Muller Report from AG William Barr, who you might remember was appointed to that position by Trump and confirmed by the Republican Senate, because of his stance against the Muller investigation in the first place, I knew our local Trump worshiper would crawl out of his Fortress of Solitude, run to the beach beating his little chest like Tom Hanks when he was able to create fire in the movie “Cast Away”. 

I thought at least he would have something new to crow about instead of the same old Hillary conspiracy theories he is so found of repeating ad nauseum. But then out comes Trump, also beating his chubby chest claiming complete exoneration, which of course it was not. Barr himself stated “While this report does not conclude the president committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him”.

Still Trump couldn’t help reviving his “Lock her up” mantra, pumping his tiny fists into the air also like Tom Hanks dancing around his giant bonfire on the beach. So it was with our little friend, he just couldn’t help, like always, but to repeat what his “Dear Leader” had to say. Dance around the fire a bit, beat his chest then pump his little fists in the air and demand another investigation into everyone else, especially Hillary Clinton and the hated media.

Our little friend still doesn’t understand a few of things here:

1. This was just 84 words of half-sentence quotes by an obviously biased individual. The public won’t really know much more than that until the entire report is made public. Something the Democratic Majority House passed 420-0 in favor, in contrast to that, the Republican Majority Senate on Monday blocked that same resolution from coming to the Senate floor for a vote.  Once again proving Elections matter. if the GOP had won the House last November this would be history and Trump and Putin would be sitting in the Oval Office eating Big Macs with Russian Dressing.

 2. There are still investigations going on both in the House and other jurisdictions such as the SDNY and the EDV. In just one of those cases in the SDNY found Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen guilty and named Individual-1 (Trump) as an un-indicted co-conspirer. Cohen is going to prison for that crime and if Trump were not President, he would be on the same bus to the big house.

3. There are also a multitude of Sealed Indictments spun off the Muller Investigation. They are sealed for a reason. That reason may be the same reason Individule-1 hasn’t been arrested. They are just waiting until Trump is no longer able to hide out in the Oval Office behind his handpicked AG, William Barr and the Republican Senate.

4. This is not the end of Trump’s legal problems, not even the end of round one. The end of round one will be when the entire Muller Report is made public. Expect Barr and the Republican Senate to keep the people in the dark for as long as possible. You know, like any lawyer for an innocent person would do. Especially for someone who has been “Completely Exonerated”.

5. And finally, as far as our little chest thumping, fist pumping Trump worshiper gaining any ground here, let me remind him once again. This is California, California is as blue as blue can get. There is no way California will vote for Trump, no possible way. In fact I would place the odds someplace beyond my chances of winning the next Power-Ball Lotto. Trump lost California by 4.2 million votes last time and California didn’t hate him then, they just knew better. This time he is the most despised human on Earth and Trump hates California. He even blames its’ citizens for our wild fires because our citizens didn’t rake the California’s National Forests. Sorry my little friend but you haven’t gained an inch, might as well go back to the old Fortress of Solitude and practice that fist pump, it’s pathetic.

Larry Baca