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Council delays budget, imperils city jobs
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Sometimes all the education in the world is no good unless you implement common sense to supplement your education.

 The individual who requested the delay in approving Manteca’s city budget is within his rights to do so. Councilman Steve DeBrum made the delay request and the council voted to extend it to allow a citizen to study the budget plan. The one thing that troubles me is the lack of concern for this city’s finances by DeBrum and the council. Why didn’t this council add a cap to the time this citizen had to examine the budget? Does an individual have as much time as he needs to examine the city budget? I don’t think so.

DeBrum just delivered a re-election campaign speech that told everyone it wasn’t about him, it was about you and your family. This is while he asked the council to delay the budget, that jeopardizes employees jobs by the delay in budget acceptance. It also delays a badly needed street and safety projects in this city. If this jeopardized a retail project, you wouldn’t see DeBrum pushing for the council to delay funding. It would be detrimental to his reelection corporate donations.

Fleener Richards


July 19, 2012