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Council should ban all fireworks
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
This year’s Fourth of July fireworks were the worst display in our city’s history.
In the little time it lasted – it was simply terrible and disgusting.
Why adults cannot conduct themselves in a more respectful manner at a time when people should be thankful that we live in a free country in which we can use fireworks in a safe and sane manner.
Our tough-talking Mayor Steve DeBrum and his two sidekicks – Councilman Rich Silverman and Councilman Vince Hernandez – want to get a tough policy consisting of thousands of dollars in fines that would only make matters worse.
Citizens of our city are not safe in their own neighborhoods.
Bruce Lownsbery was confronted by street thugs concerning illegal fireworks. If the Big Three (DeBrum, Silverman and Hernandez) had any sense, which they don’t, they would vote to ban all future fireworks in our fair city.
What’s it going to take – perhaps one person getting badly hurt or killed?
Wake up, Council and earn your “fat checks” from us taxpayers. Ban all future fireworks.
The $15,000 the city spent on fireworks could’ve been better spent on sending the entire council back to Good Old (Washington) DC on a one-way trip.
 My neighborhood was also like a war zone with fireworks lasting 11:30 p.m.
However, with Manteca Fire Station No. 1 next to me, the fire crew did a good job patrolling the neighborhood.
Good job, MFD, you all should get raises.

Fred Millner