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Credit changes hurt country
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
How sad that hard working American people cannot count on their elected representatives to protect them from unfair business practices. Two years ago, based on my debt to income ratio and ignoring my stellar payment history, four of my credit cards with the highest balances raised my interest rates to the maximum 24% to 30% causing my monthly minimum payments to jump up to $350.

They became completely unmanageable causing me to be late and ruining my credit and dashing any hopes of financing anything else for over seven years at a reasonable rate. Our entire American way of life depends on great credit and they severely limited my ability to make any significant purchases regardless of the fact I had always paid my bills on time. They’ve ruined any hopes I might have had for retirement but maybe that’s the evil plan...keep us working and paying taxes until we die. Shame on you.
Therese Andrews
May 21, 2009