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Critical thinking & greenhouse gases
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
There have been many debates about many different issues over the past couple of years. I had said that Democrats cannot argue on the facts, only their opinion.  

While my detractors have said I claim to be an expert and then proceed to inform me on the errors of my ways, they are putting themselves in the position of being an expert.  So I ask for the theories and calculations, I get nothing but ridiculed.  I have learned over the last few decades that those who do not know, ridicule, while those that do know, provide facts and explain why, based on good sound theories.  The reason why these people have a hard time understanding the issues is because they gained their understanding from someone who had a poor understanding of the subject in the first place.  Ms. Pearsall and I went several rounds about how much people forget over time and lose their ability to think.  I believe she has forgotten how to critically look at the issues.  The local Democrats that have attacked me are much more in denial of the facts than Ms. Pearsall.

I have come to realize that Democrats live in a fantasy world based on how they want the world to be rather than on the realities of the world.  Anyone who says otherwise is attacked because it forces them to face reality.  The global warming issue is the biggest fraud ever committed and it is being committed by Mr. Gore, the Democrats, and the environmentalists.  The argument is about the science of global warming, with the key word here being science.  Like all the other past debates, the Democrats list disconnected data and present them as facts which prove their conclusion.  They do not used proven theories and models to support their claim, just some website that supports their view.  Mr. Baca and several writers on the Manteca Bulletin blogs have attacked the science behind my view without providing their own calculation or even providing the physics behind their opinion.  They only repeat the Democratic and environmentalist view.  To understand how CO2 affects the global temperature you can take several courses in physics and thermodynamics or go to this website;  

This website goes over the theory, calculations, and data dealing with global warming.  It is not a partisan website, but a science website.  Every step of each calculation is explained.  If you do not know thermodynamics theory, just read the explanations.  They are easy to follow.  Every equation and calculation can be verified for accuracy and soundness of the science. I challenge everyone who does not believe this website to provide a clear explanation of how this websites calculations are wrong, what physical property is wrong, and then provide their supporting physics, calculations, and authority that supersedes this website.  I have said in my past letters that Co2 contributes to the cooling down of the atmosphere because of its lower specific heat.  There is one other property of CO2 that contributes to this phenomenon, and that is; as the concentration (density) of CO2 is increased, it better conducts heat out into space thus lowering the temperature. You will find this property discussed in the middle of section 4 at this website.  The argument of global warming is; whether it is based on good science or junk science.  If you think this website is based on junk science, then please feel free to show good science and explain the problems with it.  

Take a printout of this website to any math or science teacher you know, take it to the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and take it to any climatologist and it will not fail.  To all of my distracters, this is the definitive proof that you repeat your parties political view without even thinking about what you so vehemently claim is the truth.  Ms. Pearsall, what more proof do you need to understand that people have lost their ability to think clearly and critically? What more proof does one need to understand that the Democrats and environmentalist are taking this country in the wrong direction?
Scott McComas
Aug. 3, 2009